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When I Almost Died
When I Almost Died

When I Almost Died

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<p>A few years ago, I asked you to share your near-death experiences. You told us about car accidents...plane crashes...illness...suicide. And, you told us what happened after, when you didn't die. Ellen's near-death experience ended her marriage. Kelsey's forced her into sobriety. And Paul's left him feeling impatient: "Every moment has to matter, but then it doesn’t."</p> <p>We also heard from some of you about near-death experiences that weren't your own, but that deeply affected you just the same. Rachel* had only been in a relationship with her boyfriend for six months when he was diagnosed with lymphoma and hospitalized. She was terrified that he was going to die. But she was also terrified to admit that she wasn't happy in the relationship. "He didn’t miss me, the way I missed our closeness, because he was so preoccupied with the disease taking over him," she told me. "That really, really hurt me."</p> <p>And many of you told us that coming close to death changed the way that you think about dying. "It’s not as horrific as I thought it would be," said Elizabeth Caplice, who described her life as "one big near-death adventure." A listener sent us a link to her blog,<span> </span><a href="https://skybetweenbranches.wordpress.com/">Sky Between Branches</a>, where she wrote about her life with stage 4 colorectal cancer. When I talked with her, she'd just been given an estimate of three months to live. "<span>It obviously is a really terrible and rancid thing to happen to anyone," she told me. "But in a lot of ways it’s simultaneously been worse and not as bad as I thought it would be.<span> </span></span>It is a natural process. It’s a very human thing to have happen to you, is to die." </p> <p>This episode was originally released in 2016. To read updates about some of the people featured in it, <a href="https://us5.campaign-archive.com/home/?u=4109fdd323aaac7078eadaa8f&amp;id=566f296761">sign up for our newsletter here</a>.</p>
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